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Costume Designer

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"Split The Difference"

TV Pilot   Bruce Hurwit, Director

Featuring: Joe Narciso, Nick Kroll, Chris Phillips, Matthew Arkin, Matt Servitto, Dina Pearlman, Jane Beller,Christopher Murney, Steve Burns, Sheila Head, Oliver Vaquer


Napoleon Documentary

David Grubin, Director

"Now With Bill Moyers"

PBS  Redo of Bill Moyers wardrobe

"Sneaky Pete" television pilot

Kim Tillman, Costume Designer

Elizabeth Shelton, Costume Designer: New York

Assistant Costume Designer

TV Pilots:

TV Series:

Homeland Season 6- New York City

Assistant Designer to Katina Le Kerr, Episodes 601-612,

Credit as additional costume designer to KLK episode 612

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