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Design for Theatre

"Bye Mom!"

Yanna Kroyt Brandt Director  The 45th St. Theatre, NYC

Featuring (From top, left to right): Robert Heller, Michael Gnat, Stephen Bradbury, Lucy McMichael, Catherine Curtin, Norma Rockwood, Rob Sedgewick


"Two Bare Arms"

Yanna Kroyt Brandt, Director  The York Theatre, NYC

Featuring Judee Wales and Anya Migdal

"The Lysistrata Affair"

Nancy Hancock, Director  The Judith Anderson Theatre, NYC

Featuring: Judith Thiergaard, Stephanie McClaine, Herman O. Arbeit, Rose McGuire, Carol Denise

Book by Sally Gall  Music by Michael Cook  Lyrics by Eben Keyes

"The Archbishop is Here"

Thomas Schulz, Director  Larry Richardson's Dance Gallery, NYC

"Suicide in B Flat"

David Kronick, Director

Featuring: Scott Kenyon, Rusty Wilson, Jeff Glickman, Luciano Guerriero, Elizabeth Bayer

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